Philippe Warnery

New York City

Philippe Warnery

Philippe Warnery is a Global Strategic and Management Executive living in New York City. He attended the Université de Montpellier, a public research university in south-east France, where he received a Masters degree in Economics. Philippe is also trilingual in French, Spanish, and English, as well as fluent in Catalan.

Philippe’s career spans over 25 years and various countries, including France, Spain, and Japan. His entrepreneurial mind-set has delivered sustainable profitable growth across multiple brands and regions. He has experience in creating an affiliate, leading a turnaround strategy for a region, as well as a track record of leading a brand from launching strong and profitably in global markets.

Philippe Warnery is a multifaceted leader in building collaborative teams, that are learning agile with capabilities to lead a daily business and transform it simultaneously. His experience includes building a non existing team from ground up to include a shared services model and consumer facing leadership team for an affiliate; to inheriting a larger regional team that needed transforming to include the right capabilities and shared services that could create new business models and granularity of growth strategies, ensuring winning results in a stagnant, mature market in crisis (Brexit, Distribution channels in turmoil).

Since February 2020, Philippe is advisor for the creation and implementation of a start up studio in Kenya. Previously, he was a board member for Walpole, the industry association for the British Luxury sector.